Residential Carpet Cleaning

The following Professional Carpet Cleaning services, steps, and procedures are what to expect when we arrive at a scheduled appointment.

shawn podmoroff1. When we Arrive
We will do a Pre Inspection walk threw of all the carpet and upholstery cleaning services you would like cleaned. Identify any spots that need special attention, high traffic areas, pet stain location, spilt drinks etc.

At this time we will move any furniture or items that may give us a little more elbow room, and plan our cleaning route.

We will then confirm a price before we start on the cleaning services that you would like us to perform, and gladly put it in writing if you would request.

*At any time our MSDS (material safety data sheet) is always readily available for the customer to view upon request.

Okanagan Carpet Cleaning2. Position Equipment
We then do any special positioning of the truckmount van in most cases parking in the driveway works best.

Our hoses come out the back of the unit and in line with the front entrance. If we are using a back entrance or street parking we will then position safely and respectfully to any public and or landscaping.

Okanagan Carpet Cleaning3. Pre-conditioning
We will then mix and apply a pre-spray solution that will handle the soils in the carpets. Paying special attention to high traffic areas and any spills or problem areas, apply any spot remover treatments or agitation to the carpets to aid in distribution of cleaning agents and soil suspension.

Okanagan Carpet Cleaning4. Set up Tools
As the powerful pre-conditioner is reaching its recommended dwell time we then set up any protective equipment in your home such as edge guards for corners. Then we bring in our hoses and cleaning tools starting at the furthest room in the house and work our way out so we wont have to walk back and forth on carpets we just cleaned.

power equipment5. Power to the Equipment
We now begin the Powerful Steam Cleaning Hot Water Extraction method with a fiber rinse solution. Removing all existing soil and our pre-conditioner solution. The pH of the small amount of moisture left in the carpets is neutralized leaving them soft and residue free to prevent rapid re-soiling

​We welcome the customer to watch this part.

Okanagan Carpet Cleaning6. Finish Up
We will be pulling hoses out of the house as we work our way back to the front door in most cases we will gladly clean your entrance matt free of charge. We then mop up any over spray or water drops on any hard surface flooring and begin to pack up our equipment.

We will provide you with a pair of slippers to wear and keep for your finished inspection of our cleaning. We then go over drying procedures temperature and air circulation methods and answer any questions you may have.

happy family7. Satisfaction
Healthy happy environment, carpeted floors enjoyed by all.